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years of Plastima!

Plastima, an established family business in the plastics industry, is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. Known for our commitment to honesty and transparency, these core values have helped Plastima build solid relationships with customers, suppliers and employees based on trust and integrity.

As we look ahead, these principles remain the foundation for their future growth and success in the dynamic world of plastics. Plastima thanks its customers for their continued support and looks forward to many more years of fruitful cooperation.

By combining knowledge and experience from multiple specialisms within our industry, we can support our customers and partners in the broadest sense; We bring it together!

The Plastima Used Machinery Team

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Plastima Used Machinery

BOY Benelux

Cost-effectively boost your production process with P.U.M.'s top range of used plastic processing machines!

Plastima Used Machinery is an integral player in the plastics industry, offering a unique combination of quality machinery, expert advice, and customer-oriented service. Our commitment to sustainability, along with our expertise and flexibility makes P.U.M. the ideal partner for companies looking for reliable and cost-effective solutions in plastic processing machinery.

At Plastima Used Machinery, we always have used plastic processing machines in stock from such renowned brands in the plastics industry as WEBER, COLLIN Lab & Pilot Solutions, Ferromatik Milacron, Dr. Boy, Sandern, Zerma, IDE and many more!

Our used plastic machines can be used in many techniques within the plastic industry. We have used injection moulding machines, used extruders, used plastic recycling machines, used R&D machines, used cooling machines, but also other applications for second-hand plastic machines.

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We bring it together
since 1954

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P.U.M.'s qualities

Plastima Used Machinery has firmly established itself as a versatile and reliable partner in the plastics industry. We are known for our extensive range of used machinery and equipment, making the company an essential player in the production and processing of plastics. With a focus on quality, durability and cost efficiency, Plastima Used Machinery serves a wide range of needs within the plastics industry.

Plastima Used Machinery is distinguished by an extensive selection of used plastic processing machinery. From injection moulding machines to extruders, blow moulding machines to recycling equipment, the company offers a wide range of equipment for different applications. Each piece of equipment is carefully inspected and maintained to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Flexible services

We understand that each client has unique requirements and challenges. That’s why Plastima Used Machinery offers flexible services tailored to each company’s individual needs. Whether it’s a small start-up or a large established manufacturer, they can provide the right equipment and services to match each customer’s specific requirements.

Customer satisfaction is paramount at Plastima Used Machinery. The company is committed to providing excellent customer service and after-sales support. Our commitment to customer support ensures a smooth buying experience and enables customers to get the most out of their investment.


In an era where sustainability and cost control are crucial, Plastima Used Machinery plays an important role by offering companies cost-effective alternatives to new equipment. Our used machines are not only more affordable but also help reduce the carbon footprint by reusing and upcycling existing equipment. Such as, PVC pipes and profiles, Polyamide parts, engineering plastics and the plastic commodities, such as the polyolefins.

Expertise and knowledge

Plastima Used Machinery is more than just a supplier of used equipment; the company also has a team of experts with in-depth technical knowledge and expertise in the plastics industry. This enables them to provide customers not only with equipment but also with valuable advice and support in choosing the right machines for their specific needs.

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P.U.M.'s expertise in used machinery

Plastic, in various forms and compositions, includes items such as plastic straws, plastic wine glasses, plastic containers, bottles and bags. Plastima Used Machinery specializes in extrusion and injection molding, processing materials such as polypropylene and polyethylene on used pre-owned plastic extruders. The plastics industry often uses many injection molding machines. In this technique, a polymer is injected into a mold. In addition, Plastima Used Machinery offers several used machines for recycling plastic waste. All Plastima’s used plastic machines come from well-known names in the market.

Plastima Used Machinery also excels in supplying parts for injection moulding machines, including screws, cylinders and other peripheral equipment. When purchasing a used injection moulding machine, customers can obtain used parts from Plastima Used Machinery, an exclusive partner of Dr. Boy and Ferromatik in the Benelux countries. Plastima offers customized advice for production processes and provides service, maintenance, spare parts and customized concepts. Several used machines are available for recycling plastic waste from Plastima Used Machines. Recyclable polymers include products such as plastic straws, wine glasses, packaging and films, bottles and bags.

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Extrusion and injection moulding

Knowledge of extrusion technology is essential for selling used plastic processing machines. Extrusion requires expertise in machine types, material handling and applications. This knowledge is crucial for machine valuation and reassuring buyers. Staying abreast of developments in extrusion increases a vendor’s credibility. Plastima Used Machinery has more than 70 years of experience in extrusion.

Mastery of injection moulding equipment is also crucial. Knowledge of different techniques and machine specifications, maintenance history and operational capabilities influences the sales process. Awareness of innovations in injection moulding helps salespeople recommend the most appropriate machines.

Recycling and R&D

In the environmentally conscious market, knowledge of plastic recycling machinery is of utmost importance. Vendors should be aware of trends in recycling machines, including energy efficiency and compatibility with different types of plastics. This knowledge helps buyers select machines that meet their recycling needs, in line with global pressure for sustainable manufacturing practices.

Research and development (R&D) in the plastics industry plays a crucial role in the evolution of plastic processing machinery. Being well-informed about the latest R&D insights enables salespeople to recommend machines that meet the latest industry standards and technological developments.

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Peripherals and downstream equipment

In the plastics industry, the role of downstream equipment and peripherals is crucial for optimizing production efficiency, ensuring product quality, and enhancing operational safety. Downstream equipment, which includes items such as cooling tanks, cutters, haul-offs, and winders, is integral to the plastics manufacturing process. These components work in tandem with primary machinery, like extruders and injection molding machines, to ensure that plastic products meet the desired specifications and quality standards.

In summary, selling used plastic machinery is not just a transaction – it is a process enriched by deep expertise and knowledge in areas such as extrusion technology, injection molding, plastic recycling, industry R&D and refrigeration systems. With this knowledge, Plastima Used Machinery offers superior value, ensuring customer satisfaction and establishment through trusted experts. In a market where technological advances are constant, the ability to accurately assess and communicate the value and capabilities of used machinery is invaluable.