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This Weber extruder has been in machine storage at Plastima Used Machinery since 2022. The machine is from 2001 and has a normal number of working hours for its age.

Brand : Hans Weber GmbH

Model : DS 8.22

Construction year : 2001

ScrewØ : 87mm

Working hours : 81,389

About Weber

For almost 100 years, WEBER, a family-owned SME, has been striving for perfection in mechanical engineering and attracting customers around the world with the highest quality and reliability. Innovation, quality and partnership – these words sum up our values, mission statement and are part of their philosophy.

As a manufacturer of extruder technology and wood and metal grinding machines, WEBER combines expertise with innovative technologies. They know the target markets inside out and always do market research so they can stay informed the latest trends with new solutions that embody efficiency and innovation. For Weber, quality doesn’t just mean attracting customers in the short term; it means impressing them again and again. This includes the sustainability of their products as well as a sustainable approach and reliable service.

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