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Dreher S42-65 GFS

Dreher S42-65 GFS

This grinding mill from Dreher has been in the machine storage at Plastima Used Machinery since 2016.

Brand : Dreher

Fashion model : S42-65 GFS Spezial

Construction year : NB

Working hours : NB

About Dreher

Dreher is known for a smooth run and low noise level. The solid rotors, turned and milled from a full bar of steel, have a high torque and prevent a deposit of the sawn material on the surface. The cutting blades made of high-quality steel are integrated into the rotor over their entire length and do not need to be adjusted even after several regrinding. As a result, the rotor is dynamically balanced for life. The true spiral cut with a constant distance between rotating and stationary blades over the entire length of the rotor ensures low dust generation and reduces electrical power consumption. The oversized flanges increase smooth running conditions and keep noise levels down. Full sound insulation is optionally available. The soundproof cabin limits the noise to a level of 85 dB(A). All Dreher granulator chambers can be opened at the center of the rotor shaft. This always guarantees easy access to the cutting chamber in case of material change.

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